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    (H) Siegecrafter Blackfuse

    March 27 2013

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          Status     Spec/s
        Death Knight Open (G2) Blood
        Druid Open (G1) Resto/Balance
        (G2) Guardian
        Hunter Open (G2) Any
        Mage Open (G2) Any
        Monk Closed None
        Paladin Closed None
        Priest Closed None
        Rogue Closed None
        Shaman Closed None
        Warlock Closed None
        Warrior Open (G2) Protection

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        If you are interested in raiding with us, please fill out an app. If you have any questions regarding recruitment, please speak to an officer in-game.

        If a class is not listed as available above, we still encourage players to apply. Exceptional applications are always considered, and we also offer casual membership for interested players.

        Last Updated: December 2 2013

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        by Published on Jan 18 2011 12:17 PM

        Wishing a quick congratulations tonight to our 10 man team for downing Magmaw and the Omnotron Defense System for the first time in our first raid! It was a bit rough there for a while, but tons of fun.

        Congratulations to our first filthy purple winners. Again, congratulations and see you all Thursday!

        by Published on Jan 10 2011 12:28 AM

        It has been more than enough time to get gear, enchant it, gem it, and grind your reps. This coming week we'd would like to get a team together to raid BH 10 man to starrt with. With that said, post to the forum thread with:

        • What times can you be online
        • Days you can be online
        • Your spec/s

        I know we will get more than 10 people sign up seeing as we have a ton of DPS and not many heals and tanks in the guild right now. As a result, people will be picked by:

        • Class viability
        • Gear - are you properly enchanted and gemmed? and
        • Guild involvement

        You will run a boss mod, there are no exceptions. None of us are too pro to not use one. We will reinstate EPGP for ease of looting and to lessen loot drama.

        Sign up here with the info from above and we will more than likely raid at the end of the week, then set a more solid schedule as a full-time 10 man group.

        If you have any questions please ask one of the officers or vets.
        by Published on Dec 01 2010 06:21 PM

        The new site is not entirely ready, but unveiled today in working order. Please be patient as I work the remaining bugs out of the system. For now, the forums are up and functioning, as well as the blog and shoutbox.

        All members are required to sign up again as this new system does not allow conversion from the old board system. Drop me a line if there are any issues with signing up. This new system should load faster and provide more for members to interact with the website.

        I extend the invitation not only to our transferred members but also those who remain behind on Barthilas. I have created a special forum rank, Alumni, for our guildies that remained behind, with all the same privileges as our members. Please feel free to drop in and hit us up for a chat!

        Features that aren't working yet, but will be up within the next few days include:

        • Gallery
        • Application Form
        • Media

        With the release of Cataclysm coming up in less than a week, I hope to have the rest of the site up and running by the weekend.
        by Published on Jul 08 2010 06:30 PM
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        3. Recruitment

        Vitaris is currently looking for keen, knowledgeable raiders to join their 25 man team. We are currently 11/12 normal and 4/12 heroic ICC25. Raiding times are Wednesday and Friday, 11:30am - 3pm server time. (As we are a US-based raiding guild, our raid times are during the server's off-peak hours, so keep that in mind when applying, Oceanic folk!)

        We are really, really keen to hear from the following classes:

        • Holy Paladin
        • Boomkin
        • Warlock
        • Prot Paladin
        • Disc Priest

        If you are interested in applying, please check out our Applicants Forum for more information. Or, if you wish, you can contact one of our officers in-game for a chat. We're looking forward to hearing from folks.

        As always, exceptional players with the classes not listed are still encouraged to apply.


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