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    (H) Siegecrafter Blackfuse

    March 27 2013

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          Status     Spec/s
        Death Knight Open (G2) Blood
        Druid Open (G1) Resto/Balance
        (G2) Guardian
        Hunter Open (G2) Any
        Mage Open (G2) Any
        Monk Closed None
        Paladin Closed None
        Priest Closed None
        Rogue Closed None
        Shaman Closed None
        Warlock Closed None
        Warrior Open (G2) Protection

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        If a class is not listed as available above, we still encourage players to apply. Exceptional applications are always considered, and we also offer casual membership for interested players.

        Last Updated: December 2 2013

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        by Published on Dec 22 2013 07:55 PM

        For the last few weeks, guildies have been zipping their lips tight and machinating to get gifts for their secret Santees. It's been tough trying to figure out good gifts to give our fellow guild mates, but that is always the fun and challenge of a Secret Santa event.

        In our second annual event, this evening we headed out to kindle some nostalgia by revisiting the World's End Tavern in Shattrath. With all of our Santas in attendance but one, we danced around pantless, drank booze until we puked green and exchanged awesome gifts.

        Thank you to all of the guildies that participated in the event. You guys make this guild tons of fun and all of the events we hold worth the while.

        A stream was done on Twitch, and will be held for all time as a highlight. Will post it to the forums and Facebook community.

        Wishing everybody in the guild and everybody else a happy and safe holiday season!
        by Published on Dec 02 2013 12:42 PM

        Last night, the intrepid group 2 raiders stepped into the Siege of Orgrimmar raid to burn a path through the minions before facing down Garrosh Hellscream once again.

        Much in the way it is a tradition in Vitaris, after one aborted attempt (that's what we call wipes), the raid group firmly put Garrosh in his place for the first time. Congratulations to all of the raiders involved as it's been a long, hard journey to bring his tyranny to justice!

        Now, it is onwards to heroics!

        Also, in other news, recruitment is still open. G2 is now on the look out for a tanking class to fill in a newly opened spot. A tanking druid, warrior or DK is preferred, but any tank is welcome to contact the group leaders to discuss options.

        G1 leads: Luadwen, Aegric, Pidan, Castwyn (Castwyn#1468)
        G2 leads: Bathorius, Nikalia (Nikalia#1673)
        by Published on Nov 21 2013 03:34 PM

        We have two positions open for new raiders on both of our raid teams.

        Group 1 - currently at 8/14H in SoO - is looking for a resto druid with a strong balance off-spec. This healer would ideally be our third healer, playing a hybrid role within the group, thus DPSing when we shift down into two healing fights. Players with experience preferred. G1 raids Tuesday, Thursday and Monday from 7PM to 10PM PST.

        Group 2 - currently 13/14 in SoO - is looking for a skilled range DPS class, preferrably a hunter, but also open to other classes such as a shadow priest that may be interested in joining them. G2 raids on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 7PM to 10PM PST.

        If you're interested in joining either of these teams, please feel free to get in touch with a raid leader or submit an application here on the forum. We'll try to get back to you ASAP!

        G1 Contacts: Luadwen, Castwyn, Aegric
        G2 Contacts: Bathorius, Nikalia
        by Published on Nov 20 2013 03:57 PM

        We've gotten quite a few inquiries from fellow Frostwolf players, some stream viewers and even off-realm raiders asking us about our plans for the Warlords of Draenor expansion.

        People are particularly interested in what we're looking at doing regarding the change to the heroic-style of raiding with the introduction of the 20-man mythic raid teams.

        Our officer core has been discussing the changes to raiding and what that means for Vitaris in WoD, and we'd like to share a little bit of information for those who are interested in our guild and the changes we're going to make when the expansion is released.

        We are confirming that we are planning to push into WoD and setting up a 20 man raid team. Currently, we have two separate 10-man teams working through the Siege of Orgrimmar raid. While we hope to build a mythic team with the guild raiders we currently have, there are sure to be additional spots that must be filled by new recruits.

        We will welcome any interested player's application for those available spots when the time comes.

        That said, we do stress that the release date has yet to be confirmed. Information regarding class changes, mythic raiding roster make-up (eg. number of recommended tanks, heals, DPS, and what types) and the undefined amount of time until the release of Warlords unfortunately leaves us unable to give a solid answer to more specific questions about what we'll be looking for in WoD.

        So as of this time, we do not have a solid idea of what we'd be recruiting for in WoD for a mythic team. Some of our raiders are confident they will continue to play the classes they currently play in MoP, but others may change classes and/or roles depending upon what they prefer to play in the next expansion. Because of this, and the dearth of information unavailable to us at this time, we're unable to set up a solid list of what we will have and what we need to recruit.

        That being said, our officers are keen to hear from any raider who is interested in Vitaris, and wants to be kept in mind for - when we have a better idea of what we've got to work with and what we need - applying and trialing. We have a lot of raiders we've had the privilege of playing with and would love to have join us, so if you're interested in making Vitaris your home in the expansion, please drop us a line to let us know!

        Our officers are Aegric, Luadwen, Castwyn and Pidan. Please feel free to whisper any one of us for more information or just to chat. I, Castwyn, am managing a little list of interested players, so feel free to add me to on Castwyn#1462 to let me know of your interest.

        Hopefully, once more information is forthcoming and our guild WoD roster looks a little more certain, we'll be able to be more certain about what we're looking for in new recruits.

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